HORSES FOR SELLING/Parduodami žirgai

Vilnius Equestrian Sports Center   A Quality Riding Experience

VESC is the only stud farm in Baltic states that sells PRE (Pura Raza Española) Spanish purebred horses, PRA (Pura Raza Árabe) pure Arabian bred horses and HA (Hispano Árabe) Hispanic Arabians pure bred.

We find the right horse for you. We prepare horses for competitions. We advise before purchasing a horse. We collaborate with the most prestigious stud farms to find you the right horse.

CHICCA 56: Jumping. KWPN, 10 y. o. Pedigree: Caspar x Walencia. Jumping over 150 cm. On international show jumping tour. For top riders only.

___________________________________________________________________________CUCKY 3: Jumping. Luxembourgian purebred. Pedigree: Catoki x Praktiker.     11 y.o. Jumping over 160 cm. On international show jumping tour. For top riders only.

__________________________________________________________________________ZAPATERO: Jumping. Dutch Warmblood KWPN 8 y.o. gelding. Pedigree Zapatero (Chin-Chin) x Tenerife VDl (Raphael). Jumps over 140 cm. Several times championships winner.

___________________________________________________________________________RECELOSO: Dressage. Spanish purebred (PRE) stallion, 11 y.o. Excellent for experienced dressage riders. Ideal for breeding.

___________________________________________________________________________ZAFIRO: Dressage. Spanish purebred (PRE)  stallion, 14 y.o. Winner of many championships. Excellent for experienced dressage riders. Ideal for breeding.-

___________________________________________________________________________ESPAÑA JER: Dressage. 14 y. o. Stallion. Height 173 cm. Excellent horse.

___________________________________________________________________________CALIGULA: Jumping. 11 y.o. gelding. Pedigree Calato x Kalina III. Jumping over 150 cm.

___________________________________________________________________________BALOU:  Jumping. 8 y. o. gelding. Pedigree Balou de Rouet x Le Primeur
 Jumps over 140 cm. Winner several championships.

___________________________________________________________________________DIENTIC: Jumping. 10 y. o. gelding. Jumping 140 cm.

___________________________________________________________________________ENZO:  Jumping. 9 y. o. gelding . Jumping over 160 cm placed in championship on 160 cm. 

___________________________________________________________________________UNO:  Jumping. 10 y. o. gelding. Jumping 160 cm on competition placed on 160 cm

___________________________________________________________________________VIGO: Jumping. 7 y. o. gelding. Pedigree: Vigo D’Arsouilles x L.A.
Winner and placed up to 135 cm. Future potential horse

We have many more. For further information, please contact by email or phone: