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A Quality Horse-Riding Experience


Welcome to Vilnius Equestrian Sports Center VESC

Vilnius Equestrian Sports Center VESC is an internationally accredited equestrian school dedicated exclusively to preparing riders for successful careers with horses. Riding styles include Dressage, Jumping, Horse Vaulting and Western.

Vilnius Equestrian Sports Center VESC-Official is located just 8 kilometers from the heart of Vilnius, is the nearest barn from city center.

Vilnius Equestrian Sports Center VESC-Official is the only representative in the Baltic States of the Madrid Horse Week.

The riding emphasis areas include Training, Teaching, Equine Massage Therapy, Breeding, Horse Health and Barn Management.

In our equestrian programs, riders will improve their own skill base and theoretical understanding resulting in the increasing capability to influence a horse to higher and higher levels of mental and physical accomplishments.

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