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NOTE: At VESC all horse-riding classes are always completely individuals. Mobile phones are prohibited while riding.

Individual workout: Riders over 16 y.o. (Teaching, posture and error corrections, horse managing) 45 min. 25 €

Individual workout: Riders until 16 y.o.: (Teaching, posture, corrections, horse control, strengthening balance) 45 min. 20 € 

Errors corrections workout: Teaching piaffe, passage, trotting, galloping, dressage, show jumping and vaulting: 45 min. 30 €, more time on request.

Pre-competition training: Rider and the horse race preparation in different equestrian modalities: 60 min. 40 €, more time on request.

Horse character and problem corrections or breaking: (Body and psychological traumas, eyes analysis, bad behavior, slimming and fattening horses): On request.

Hippotherapy: 15 min. Free of charge

We make official invoices with VAT, please ask before hand to have it ready.


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